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Jun. 13th, 2010

cleaned out my friends list. i kept going to read peoples journals and just found stupid shit i used to follow that i couldnt care less about anymore.

19 days til my surgery
34 days til warped tour long island.
35 days til warped tour NJ
37 days til my birthday.
62 days til my fiances birthday.
425 days til my wedding.


May. 25th, 2010

i'm engaged. 8.12.11 we're getting married on what would be my parents 32 wedding anniversary if my dad was still alive.

i'm running www.lyricallust.com and doing lots of photography. So insanely busy.

i slipped on ice outside of a friendlys in Feb and herniated 2 discs in my back and twisted my nerves. I find out tomorrow if we're gonna do surgery.

I miss LJ! I've turned into a tumblr whore :(


Miss you guys <3

What have  I been missing? I think i'm gonna start posting here more again
im funny.
and kinda tan i love that! tan for the first time in my LIFE.
im a LJ neglector. who cant spell.
things are nuts. my life got crazy. i miss talkin to you guys.

bamboozle rocked it hardcore. best weekend of my life so far. and my life is pretty great.

going to lots of warped tour dates and am excited.
anyone going to any of these?
7/18 - Long Island
7/23 - NC
7/24- Orlando
7/25- miami

let me know we'll meet up :) <333
time for me to get some grilled cheeesee
i went tanning last night
my back is burnt
it hurts real bad.


May. 1st, 2009

leaving in an hour for bamboozle just wanted to say i hope you guys have an awesome weekend :)

i'll be on twitter all weekend www.twitter.com/lookitscassie

Talk to you guys Monday night :)


no wonder i'm fucking single.

I need a nice dude, who is never home, and has no problem with me never having time for him lol. Perferably covered in tattoos over 6'foot tall with brown hair, and can deal with the fact that I listen to Mercy mercedes and all time low way more then I would like to admit. Must be insanely funny and think I am the coolest chick in the world.

Someone find this guy for me.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Kinda funny

I can't handle my life right now as it is. I have no time for anything. I'm always away at shows, or working in my office or doing something besides relaxing.

So what do I decide to do?

Start a t-shirt line.

WTF is my problem? Why cant I stop and be still for 2 seconds and NOT do something new?

Hey guys.

Hey guys, Sorry i've been so MIA lately. Things have been insane. we finished my room and i havent been in it much. I feel like every weekend I'm away. I went on vacation with my girls and then i've been going to shows every week and staying the whole weekend and its just been crazy. Ive been trying to promote my blog and get it out there a little more, things have just been beyond insane! I dont have too much going on this weekend So i'll be around a lot.

i wanted to go see Anarbor and The Dangerous Summer tonight but my friend bailed on me. Which sucks I was really excited to go. I can't stop listening to Anarbor its crazy.

Besides that not too much is going on. Really excited for Bamboozle this weekend. I'm going to the Bamboozle Road show again on Thursday, THen Hoodwinked on Friday and both days of Bamboozle. Very stoked.  I cant wait for set times to be released later today.

i'm going to try to catch up on some of you guys later tongith when i get home.

miss you guys <3

what up LJ

Has it hanging? <3
my room is officially done..
check it out

Pix of my room

Apr. 8th, 2009

My rug is being installed today. My cousin is putting the new molding up tonight. Once he does that I can put my furniture back in. He's going to hang all the vinyls and posters i'm putting up. My mom decided itd be a good idea to buy me a new flat screen tv too. So i'm gonna go do that afterwork so he can hang that too. 

so by late tonight my room should be done. I just have to put all my dvds and books and stuff up around the shelves at the top of my room and be done. I'm hoping to finish by 10 or 11 tonight. I'll take pix for you guys to see i'm excited :) I still have to find a chair though. I want one of those sphere chairs i love them. cant find them anywhere though.

my hair appointment got changed to saturday As much as I hate her i'm stealing Ashlee Simpsons hair cut from like 4 years ago (See picture) my hair is dark dark brown and will have dark maroom/egplant colord highlights. so i'm excited.  yay


Apr. 6th, 2009

so the painting in my room is done. my rug is being put in on Wed.  The new molding is being put in on Thursday. so my Furniture and shit can go back in Thursday night. I'm hoping to have everything done by Saturday.

Also cuttin gmy hair thursday night & doing dark maroon highlights. kinda excited.

its been a good day :)
omegle just died on me. apologizes to ojama3 for leaving mid chat!!


Drinks are amazingggg



Just locked my keys in my car and had to have a dude from the bagel store climb thru my trunk



Day 1 of actually painting you can't really tell but this is the primer bright ass yellow I actually love it



Punky says goodnight world




Morning faceoff


Mar. 29th, 2009

To my dearest cell phone,

If you do not stop posting every picture i take as an LJ post, I will drown you in the Hudson River. And thats at least an hour drive from here.

Thank you and have a nice day.




Yay o my car detail




My new sink scares the shit out me. it looks like a fruit bowl


so they are done spackeling my room. yep theyve been doing it all week 3 hours a day. ugh
painting tomorrow and sunday. im so excited and terrified at the same time.

im doing a bright yellow.

i have shelves going all the way around my room. i  need help

the shelves are going to be white.
my comforter is stripped pink yello white grey and blue.
should i paint from the top of the shelves up pink? that way it breaks up the brightness of the yellow?
i cant decide. i might. i  need to figure it out by tomorrow bc tomorrow id have to go buy the pink paint.

give me some tips people!!!

the sheets are pink btw.


thats it.

help me :)



My room for the next 2 weeks. nothing but a bed laptop and speakers. this suxxx can't wait to paintand get my new rugs


IM GETTING A PUPPY!!! I have 3 year old Golden retriever  that was my Dad's dog, but have wanted my own puppy for sooo long. I finally talked my mom into letting me get one. It was a compromise for not getting my lip or nose peirced lol. The deal is it has to be a small dog, can not be more then like 20 lbs full grown. can not get too big. and has to love kids and get along with other dogs, since we have the other dog.

I dont even know what kind of dog i want. i love tiny dogs, i dont want a chiwawa! and yes i spelt that wrong i always do. 


My dogs watching twilight





Hello edward. u were better as cedric



Yay and tonys scary



You're jealous



Twologht release packed


so my camera phone is of epic fail proportions. the snow in the pic didnt come out. but it was friggin snowing like crazy today. nothing stuck thank god. but 1st day of spring and snow sucks.

anyway. anyone else going to any dvd release partys for twilight tonight? the fan girl in me is so excited.

going to the bar in a few. sing some songs. drink some beers. then going to the twilight thing.
then gonna drink some more beers. maybe in the parking lot of the twilight thing? haha
camera is on me so if i see any wanna be edwards or anything i'll share.



Snowwwwww ick


Click the pic to check out my new myspace layout. The blog is still in the works but it came out awesome. If anyone needs a myspace layout, def check out the design co that did mine. they were cheap and super quick and just amazing. Theres a link to their myspace on my page.  Fruca Fruca Designs

Mar. 18th, 2009

i spend more money on my ez pass in a week then I do on food for a month.
is that sad?
i love road trips :)

PA on Saturday - Valencia- Houston Calls - You, me & everyone we know
NH next Saturday - The Arrival - Conditions
NJ next sunday. - The Arrival - COnditions

Mar. 18th, 2009

so i've been writing in the music journal i started. ive been uber lazy and havent put up any videos or pix yet. i need to get on that.
going to see valencia & houston calls on Saturday in PA. 5 1/2 hour drive. i need to make some awesome play lists on my ipod. like nsync and shit. just to be funny.
what should i put on the play list?


This is the result of my office doing a coat drive 4 MONTHS ago. we still have the coats. its now 60 degrees. homeless people no longer need winter coats. wtf



I always give my salad orders on hello kitty paper


Mar. 16th, 2009

remember the days where I used to update like 5 times a day? I should go back to that. Damn Twitter has taken over my life.

I swear i will start updating more.


Shes so cute



My doggy eatting a paper plate lol


my wisdom tooth is coming in and i think its infected. i want to kill myself. I was up every hour last night. would pop 4 advil wait half hour for it to kick in. fall asleep for an hour. wake up in pain. top 4 advil. ughhh

my dentist is closed on tuesdays.

theres an emergency health place, kinda like a clinic but they deal with dental issues too and take insurance. they open at 9 so i just poped a vicodin and am gonna try to sleep for a bit and then go there when i get up. i called into work saying id be in late but i dont know if i'm gonna make it in today. I feel like shit.

i hate teeth. i hate wisdom teeth the most. OW. you son of a bitch. go away.


Beer pong in my dinning room

***EDIT*** not sure why this only posted now lol since i did it at like 11 oclock last night hahaha


party at my house right now. i'm about to break out my camera and shit. Im hyper as hell. Extremely tired. Not wearing any make up. my hair is a mess. i have to leave my house at 8am tomorrow to go to boston for the cab show at natick at 4pm its a 5 hour drive to boston from long island.

fuck my life

tomorrows gonna be a fuckin mess.

cassiesroadtripmusicblog.com will be updated monday with pix and vids and shit <3


New tattoo


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